Welcome to the Archive of the Birth Control Review, an American little magazine begun by Margaret Sanger in 1917. She stepped down as editor in 1929 but the magazine continued to run until 1940. The BCR regularly published stories, plays, poems, and drawings by modernist artists, making the magazine relevant to women's rights and modernist scholars. Many writers, cartoonists, and illustrators published works in BCR at the same time that they published works in magazines such as the Masses, the New Republic, the Modernist, and the Crisis. Contributors include:

Charlotte Perkins Gilman        Olive Schreiner        W.E.B. DuBois       

Mary Burrill       Havelock Ellis        Angelina W. Grimke        James Russell Lowell

This archive is at the beginning stages of collating all electronically available issues of the BCR in a single location, and will eventually offer a searchable index of the publication's contents. The archive aims to build on the growing interest in modernist little magazines and complements existing archives like the Modernist Journals Project.

This archive is curated by Aimee Armande Wilson at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. 

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